Interim ruby-quiz: Middle Management Email

I would like to offer an interim ruby-quiz. Note: I am not
presumptuously claiming quiz stewardship. I have written up this quick
proposal and am promising to publish a summary to discuss any submitted
quizzes–that is all.

Middle Management Email

Write a small program to automate the management of email lists, like
for example Majordomo (written in Perl).

What it should support

  • managing email lists (create/destroy list)
  • managing permissions (doesn’t need to be complex, just needs to ensure
    that not just any member can nuke a list)
  • some specific commands (taken from Brent Chapman’s original spec on
    • subscribe list [address] Subscribe yourself (or address, if
      specified) to list
    • unsubscribe list [address] Unsubscribe yourself (or address, if
      specified) from list
    • which [address] Find out which lists you (or address, if specified)
      are on
    • who list Show the members of list
    • info list Show the general introductory information for list
    • lists Show the lists handled by this server
    • help Retrieve a help message, explaining these commands
    • end Stop processing commands (useful if your mailer automatically
      adds a signature to your messages)

Next Wednesday 11/10/2010

Recommended Tools:
titanous’ mailman (2)


  • web interface for managing commands