Interfacing USRP through LabView

I need to interface the USRP to a PC running Windows ( no Linux
here…must use Windows) through LabView…need to do some initial
spectral analysis on the received data…just an FFT,(maybe more?)
Does anyone know of any specific GUI’s designed for this purpose?..any
help would be appreciated…Also, can the Instrument Control Toolbox
in Matlab be used for the same purpose?..if so, the I might be able to
design a GUI using ‘guide’…

PS: Are there any newer ports of USRP on Windows other than .?

Kshitij Kumar S.

Hi Kshitij

I just wonder you figured out how to program the USRP with labview
,cause i’m
using Simulink to program it .
Why you want to use Instrument Control Toolbox?

Ayman Shalaby