Interfacing GNU Radio with RF digitizer product

Hi everyone,

I’m working with ThinkRF ( to implement a GNU Radio
backend for their “WSA1000E Remote RF Digitizer” product
( Their product is (internally)
very similar to the USRP devices, but it is RX only. In particular,
there is an FPGA for processing the ADC data so we’re looking to reuse
some of the Verilog code already written for the USRP2. The PC
interface is USB2, so the bandwidth will be in the same ballpark as
USRP1. Any modifications or derivatives of GNU Radio will be released
under GPL2.

I have only one question at this point: is the Git repo (under the
usrp2 directory) the main place where development happens for the
USRP2? Any other repos I should look at/keep an eye on?