Interesting Proposal from Ruby Fanatics

I wanted to thank RForum for maintaining and contributing to the Ruby

We are Ruby fanatics at BitWine and we have implemented our whole
using Ruby. As users of open source, I honestly think that you can never
appreciate enough the work that people put into those projects.

We think that our Ruby application can help the people that
contribute earn some quick returns by providing paid advice and paid
instant consulting for people in need. It does not replace the forum it
enhances the forum for people in need for real-time advice. And it can
help support the forum financials as well.

As an example here is a list of our listed programmers (about 40)

Here is our List of Ruby related Advisors (about 15)

The process is simple, by including our Forum widget like you can see on
other forums or here (top
right corner) members of RForum can provide real-time support
(paid or free) to other members and visitors of RForum.

I am not sure who is the moderator here or how to contact the people
responsible for RForum, but if you get this note and you can make that
happen I will be happy to collaborate for the benefit of all.

Needless to say we do not charge a dime, all earnings (less Pay-Pal
fees) go to the respective Advisors.

Contact: [email protected]