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Ken K. wrote:

For those haven’t seen it yet, Patrick Peak has an interesting article
at the Server Side ( discussing the differences between the
Hibernate ( peristence
framework and ActiveRecord. The article can be found here: .
Patrick Peak is the author of Hibernate Quickly (Manning), which I
didn’t find particularly readable, but he definitely knows his stuff.

Just thought you might like to know,
Interesting. One bit I’m not sure of:

Altered query for @minersWithSqA

<%= miner.square_area %>

Is this ever true? Doing that query doesn’t stop me from calling

He also makes the claim that Rails can’t not do lazy loading, which
seems to ignore the :include option to AR::Base#find. Then again, it
does have a publication date of over a year ago, so I guess it may have
been true then. It would be really nice to know which versions he was