Interactive browser/IDE for Ruby


I’m sure this has been asked before on this list… I was wondering if
there are any Smalltalk-like IDE/Browser environments in the works for

Certainly there are differences between an image-based environment like
Smalltalk, and more of a scripting language like Ruby. But I certainly
would love to have the ability to easily browse the source of all the
libraries and other add-ons in an environment like a Smalltalk browser.



Actually, I’d love to see something like IRB that would let you play
IRB does ( since you’d have live autocompletion ) … and let you then
out the living environment ( code and all ) … so that the env could be
re-instated whenever/whereever.

that would be a beautiful thing.

it would be interesting to store out all of that stuff …

… that would be a cool project.


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This isnt going to be practical until we have ruby-in-ruby. Lots of
cool ideas are waiting for that to arrive.