Integration Plugin

Continuous Integration is a very important practice for us. The
problem is that we never liked the way it’s done most of the time,
using a server such as Cruise Control. So we prefer to do what we call
a synchronous continuous integration. James Shore wrote some time ago
exactly what we’ve always felt about the Cruise Control approach.

All of our projects have a set of automations in place that help us on
the integration process. Since our very first Rails project, we’ve
been using some rake tasks to integrate our projects. They’ve been
evolving so far and last week we decided to refactor them, polish and
publish as a Rails plugin called Integration.

Integration is an almost paranoid set of integration tasks that will
help you maintain your projects healthy and your repository clean.
Once you’ve installed it, all you have to do is run the command below
whenever you want to integrate some code:

rake integrate

Ok, let’s be honest here. You’ll probably need to configure a few
things. Read the project page and you should be fine. If you manage to
use all the tasks in your project, let us know. Somehow, we believe
this won’t happen very often… You’ll see! :slight_smile:

Go ahead. Checkout the Integration plugin.

Direct link to the plugin:

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