Integrating radius with a store

I’m in the process of building out a site for a client that needs store
functionality. I’ve built the admin backend to handle product additions,
have linked it up with the admin in Radiant. I’ve also created and
the views for front-end users to a /store directory off the root.

I can’t figure out how to get the layout for the store to match the
of the rest of the site. Since it’s parsing in the YML files and
the pages dynamically, integration has been a pain in the neck. Any
suggestions or advice on how to do this successfully would be very much
appreciated. Thanks all…


Based on the information you have given us, I see two options.

  1. Implement some Radius tags so that your data shows up in a normal
    page or
    an uncached dynamic page. These could hook directly into your store
    functionality. Then the store functionality can have the same visual
    as the other pages

  2. Maintain two layouts/VDs - a Radiant-based one and a Rails/ERb
    for your store.

If the primary functionality of your site is the store, maybe Radiant
the best choice. You might want to look at Comatose, which embeds a
mini-CMS in a Rails application through a plugin. Radiant is great for
static or semi-dynamic content, but use the best tool for your needs.

Sean C.