InstantRails and SQLite


I’m using InstantRails for my RoR developments and it is really great.
However I have a little problem since a few days. Here is the
situation, I’m using InstantRails 2.0 with PHP 5.2.6 (I upgraded
following the InstantRails procedure). I’m using MySQL as a database
for my application but recently downloaded a forum (FluxBB) which need
SQLite to work. My problem is that SQLite don’t seem to work with my
PHP instalation.
I checked on various forum and nothing works (I activated the php_pdo
and php_sqlite dlls in php.ini without result).
So I’d like to know if someone could indicate me al the pathes in
order to configure SQLite to works correctly with PHP and Apache in

Contact me for more information (well I don’t know if my explication
is quite clear he).

Have a good day,
Olivier Rouhaud.

Is there something unique that SQLite has that forces you to use it with
FluxBB? Could you just edit config/database.yml and make it use
MySQL? If you have to use SQLite on InstantRails you might want to
check out r[email protected] (an InstantRails mail list).

Good luck

Well actually yes, FluxBB only works with SQLite and I can’t just
update database.yml as FluxBB is not a Rails project, it’s just a foro
I wanna use ^^
Thanks for your answer by the way.


On Sat, Oct 18, 2008 at 2:33 PM, CiriusMex [email protected] wrote:

Well actually yes, FluxBB only works with SQLite

That’s not what the FluxBB web site says; the second bullet point at
the home page’s top is “Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite”.

And what does any of this have to do with Rails? It’s a PHP app. If
you’re having problems getting it to work, there’s got to be a better
place (or probably places plural) to ask…


Hassan S. ------------------------ [email protected]

I know it’s a PHP app. The point is that I wan’t to integrate it to a
RoR application I workin’ on and as I use InstantRails to develop I
just wan’t to integrate FluxBB directly as an InstantRails www app (so
I don’t have to install several times PHP, Apache and so on as they
come with InstantRails yet)…
Thanks for the information about MySQL, I didn’t know, gonna check it
right now.


On 18 oct, 16:42, “Hassan S.” [email protected]