Instantrails and oneclick

Today I return to Ruby after 12 months. I find I have several
installations, including Ruby 1.9!? Decided to rationlise things a bit
before starting to learn Ruby again from scratch. Rails is hot stuff and
I find I also had an old version of InstantRails (this is an XP
machine… calm down now, it’s all I’ve got (well not quite, but I’ll
come to that later)). Anywaaaaay, I upgrade IR to latest version which
uses Ruby 1.8.4-16. The faq mentions oneclickinstaller so I check that
out and it’s at 1.8.4-20. faq also mentions combining both for single
rails/ruby installation but seems to refer to pre-v1 IR. So can anyone
tell me if I can install oneclick over IR without any probs and also if
I them have all the goodies I remember such as the Windows stuff and
gem? Much obliged for any help.

Ahh, nearly forgot, I have a mac mini sitting doing nothing (apart from
a lot of sleeping). I can’t bring myself to spend another £90 on it to
upgrade to Tigger. So has anyone had any success running Ruby/Rails on
panther? I’d like to use it as a reliable Rails test server.

On Thursday, August 03, 2006, at 12:00 PM, Derek O’connell wrote:

I them have all the goodies I remember such as the Windows stuff and
Rails mailing list
[email protected]

I haven’t used it in a while, but I thought that instant rails
incorporated the most recent one click ruby installer.

Bottom line is you only need to get instant rails.


Yes, you can replace the Ruby in IR with the OCI. But don’t install
over the existing dircetory tree, delete IR’s ruby dir tree first and
then install there. After you install the OCI, you’ll need to install
Rails from the command line:

gem install Rails


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