InstantRails and Java - conflict?

Hi All,

I know zero about Ruby on Rails but hope to learn, and I already have
a problem. I downloaded and installed InstantRails, which says it
changes nothing on your system. Immediately after that, I started
having serious problems with RenderX XEP, which has always run
perfectly. I discovered, finally, that my Java installation was
corrupt (jre1.6). I had to delete all my InstantRails files, then
uninstall and reinstall Java, and now XEP works fine again.

Maybe this sounds crazy, but nothing else changed on my machine. Prior
to the InstantRails install I had been running XEP for hours with no
problem. I stopped briefly to install InstantRails, and the minute I
went back to XEP it was screwed up.

Please tell me, is there any way that InstantRails can create some
sort of conflict with my Java installation? Or corrupt Java? XEP also
uses Apache, if that has anything to do with anything. The only other
odd thing I noticed is that when I went into add/remove programs to
uninstall Java, it listed my Java program as “rarely used”, which is
not true since I had been using XEP all day every day for the last
week or so. Strange.

I really want to get InstantRails installed, but I can’t afford to
lose XEP, so before I try again I’d appreciate any information or


Make sure that the InstantRails PORT NUMBER it wants to run on
doesn’t conflict with anything else.
And try again!

Okay, then I’ll need to learn how to find/set port numbers. Thank you
very much!