Instant Rails 1.6, with MySQL 5

The main change in this release is that MySQL has been upgraded to
version 5.0.27 and Rake has been upgraded to the recently released

Many thanks to Jirka Pech who made the MySQL upgrade possible.

You can download Instant Rails here:


You made need to wait a little bit before downloading. I started
the upload to RubyForge and went to to bed. If there are any upload
errors, I will have to start the upload in about 6 hours when I get

Instant Rails – Change Log

2007.03.04 Instant Rails 1.6
* Upgraded MySQL to version 5.0.27
* Upgraded Rake to version 0.7.2
* Upgraded win32-file-stat to 1.2.4

2007.02.25 Instant Rails 1.5

  • Upgraded components to the following versions:
    • Instant Rails Manager 1.5
    • One-Click Ruby Installer 1.8.5-24
    • Ruby on Rails 1.2.2
    • MySQL/Ruby 2.7.3 (native driver)
    • Mongrel 1.0.1
    • cmdparse 2.0.2
    • HighLine 1.2.7

2006.10.01 Instant Rails 1.4

  • RadRails support: choose “rails_apps” directory as
    your workspace and RadRails wil be automatically
    configured for Instant Rails.
  • Upgraded Mongrel to
  • Upgraded Rails to 1.1.6
  • Replaced SCGI with Mongrel
  • Upgraded Ruby to One-Click Ruby Installer 1.8.5-21
    (note: this breaks “breakpointer”
    for a workaround, see: )

2006.04.19 Instant Rails 1.3a

  • Removed the native C MySQL driver
    (it was causing segfaults on Win2k)

2006.04.11 Instant Rails 1.3

  • Upgraded Ruby on Rails to version 1.1.2

2006.04.07 Instant Rails 1.2

  • Added MySQLRuby 2.7 (native C driver)

2006.04.06 Instant Rails 1.1.1

  • Upgraded Ruby on Rails to 1.1.1

2006.03 Instant Rails 1.1

  • Upgraded Ruby on Rails to 1.1

  • Upgraded the Ruby runtime to the One-Click Ruby Installer
    1.8.4-16 release candidate 1.

  • Added Mongrel 0.3.12


  • When MySQL port was already in use, Instant Rails said
    that the Apache port was in use – bad error message.
    This has been fixed.

2006.01.05 Instant Rails 1.0 final

  • Updated version in Help>>About dialog box to “1.0 final”.

2006.01.03 Instant Rails 1.0 RC1

  • Reverted Instant Rails Manager to use the file extension
    associations for editing config and log files and added
    an Instant Rails preference item to force the use of
    Notepad.exe (necessary if you have VMWare installed).

  • Configure SCGI now initializes the dialog with the current
    settings instead of default values.

  • Replaced One-Click Ruby Installer 1.8.2 with
    ruby-mswin32 1.8.4 (which is what 1.8.4 of the One-Click
    one-click installer will be built upon).

2005.12.24 Instant Rails 1.0 preview8

  • Restored missing log directories in the sample apps.

2005.12.13 Instant Rails 1.0 preview7
(preview6 was a bad release)

  • Included Typo 2.6.0 as a sample app

  • Included RedCloth 3.0.4, BlueCloth 1.0.0, and RubyPants 0.2.0
    (used as text formatters by Typo).

  • Upgraded Rails to 1.0 final

  • Instant Rails now detects being run from a directory path
    that containd spaces, issues a warning, and quits.

2005-11-08: Instant Rails 1.0 preview5

  • Upgraded Rails to Rails 1.0: The Release Candidate 4 (aka 0.14.3)

2005-11-01: Instant Rails 1.0 preview4

  • Added mysql\bin to the path in console windows.

2005-10-27: Instant Rails 1.0 preview3

  • Upgraded Rails to Rails 1.0: The Release Candidate 3 (aka 0.14.2)

  • Upgraded to SCGI Rails Runer 0.4.3

  • Added “fxri” to the help menu.

  • Fixed a problem where console windows were being opened in the
    wrong current directory. This meant that ruby\bin wasn’t being
    put on the path which, in turn, meant you couldn’t execute the
    “gem” or “rails” commands.

  • Fixed several minor problems.

  • Created this change log!

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