Instant Rails 1.4 preview1 released (with RadRails support!)

This release of Instant Rails contains the following major

* Upgrades Rails to version 1.1.6
  (other components upgraded to current release, also)

* SCGI has been replaced by Mongrel (using Apache's
  mod_proxy for forward requests).

* For the development server, WEBrick has also been
  replaced by Mongrel.

* Automatic RadRails configuration: if your choose
  your Instant Rails "rails_apps" subdirectory as
  your workspace, then all of the RadRails paths
  (to ruby, rake, ri, rdoc, etc.) will be automatically

Known Problems

There are two known problems: If you select the menu items
“Help > Getting Started” or “Help > Release Notes”, Instant
Rails will crash. For the time being, you can read these two
topics from the web site:


Instant Rails includes a number of open source software
packages. Below is a list of all included software in
Instant Rails 1.4.

Primary Instant Rails Components

* Instant Rails Manager 1.4

* Ruby 1.8.5 (from the One-Click Ruby Installer 1.8.5-21)

* Ruby on Rails 1.1.6

* Apache 1.3.33

* MySQL 4.1.9

* MySQL/Ruby 2.7 (native driver)

* Mongrel

* phpMyAdmin 2.6.1

Preinstalled Sample Apps

* Cookbook app from ( article)

* Typo 2.6.0

Ancillary Instant Rails Components

These components are not the primary focus of Instant Rails,
but are included because the primary components above depend
upon them.

* PHP 4.3.10

* Rake 0.7.1

* cmdparse 2.0.0

* HighLine 1.0.1

I forgot to include the download link:


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