Instant Rails 1.0 preview5 Released

Instant Rails is a one-stop Rails runtime solution containing Ruby,
Apache, and MySQL, all preconfigured and ready to run. No installer, you
simply drop it into the directory of your choice and run it. It does not
modify your system environment. This release of Instant Rails for
but there are plans for ports to Linux, BSD, and OSX.

The Instant Rails home page has links for downloading and getting
with Instant Rails:

If you already have Instant Rails installed, then be sure to read the

Preview5 only changes one thing: Rails has been updated
to 1.0 Release Candidate 4 (aka 0.14.3).

Preview4 was not announced and also only changed one thing:
when you select the “Open Ruby Console Window” menu command,
the resulting console window now has …\mysql\bin on the path.

Instant Rails – Change Log

2005-11-08: Instant Rails 1.0 preview5

  • Upgraded Rails to Rails 1.0: The Release Candidate 4 (aka 0.14.3)

2005-11-01: Instant Rails 1.0 preview4

  • Added mysql\bin to the path in console windows.

2005-10-27: Instant Rails 1.0 preview3

  • Upgraded Rails to Rails 1.0: The Release Candidate 3 (aka 0.14.2)

  • Upgraded to SCGI Rails Runer 0.4.3

  • Added “fxri” to the help menu.

  • Fixed a problem where console windows were being opened in the
    wrong current directory. This meant that ruby\bin wasn’t being
    put on the path which, in turn, meant you couldn’t execute the
    “gem” or “rails” commands.

  • Fixed several minor problems.

  • Created this change log! Also, added a ToDo.txt file.