Installing visualruby in Windows


Hi y’all:

There have been several issues with older versions of
ruby/gtk/gtksourceview2 etc. installing in any version of windows.
There are several threads here describing those issues.


We’ve now moved on to new versions of everything:

Visualruby is now v3.0.x

gtksourceview2 has been replaced by gtksourceview3 v3.0.8

gtk2 is now replaced by gtk v3.0.8

And (thanks to people like kou) all of these upgrades are better, and
more stable than ever!

The latest versions of visualruby, ruby, gtk, and gtksourceview3 all
work fine on all versions of windows as far as I know.

However, older versions of Ruby will have an install issue:

I know that using Ruby version 2.0.0 will get an error when installing
visualruby. I believe that this is a problem with the cairo library,
and has been fixed in Ruby version 2.3.0. It may be fixed in 2.2.0, but
I don’t know. Perhaps someone can advise us.

So if you wish to install visualruby in Windows, be sure to install Ruby
version 2.3.0 to be safe. If you’re running 2.0.0 it won’t work. If
you start with a recent version of ruby, everything should install