Installing tk after the fact?

Is it even possible to install tk support after the fact for ruby 1.8?

Most of the boxes at work are running CentOS (RHEL clone), and I was
going to write some small frontends in ruby/tk this morning. Lo and
behold, there isn’t any ruby/tk library on here!

Ruby, Tcl & TK are both installed from the distro supplied rpms. I’ve
done some searches for how to install ruby/tk, but so far all I’ve
found were some notes stating to rebuild ruby with it.

Isn’t there any better way?


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My Ubuntu’s ruby, too, didn’t come installed with ruby-tk. I used my
package manager to install it. Your package manager is ‘yum’, I think.
Have you tried somethng along of ‘yum install ruby-tk’ ?

“yum list available ruby*”
did indeed show ruby-tcltk.i386

I’m kindof surprised here, as the centos installer didn’t show or make
that available at all.


Thanks a lot!

Although it does make me wonder, if you can add this after the fact
with a package, shouldn’t there be instructions somewhere to build it
on your own after the fact?


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