Installing SQLite

I have installed the sqlite3 gem for ruby. The installation was
gem install sqlite3-ruby --source

Afterwards, I downloaded the sqlite-3.3.7 exe, and the dll (same
version). I’ve downloaded the files into C:\ruby\bin

However, when i try
irb> require ‘sqlite3’
the following error appears:
Load error: no such file to load --sqlite3

It is there (trying with gem list -sqlite3 tells me that). But i don’t
know why it does not load it.
I’ve tried with require ‘SQLite3’, or any other uppercase combinations.

(Btw, my ruby version is 1.8.2, and I’m working under Windows XP.)

Suggestions? thanks.

PT: I know there are many posts about it, but I haven’t found no answers
to my exact problem.

uups, yes, I had missed the “require ‘rubygems’”. Lots of Thanks!

On 2/5/07, Damaris F. [email protected] wrote:

Load error: no such file to load --sqlite3
to my exact problem.
do you have rubygems enabled?
i.e. either require ‘rubygems’ or irb -rubygems or RUBYOPT=rubygems
(in the environment)

can you post the exact message, or the output of

ruby -w -e “require ‘sqlite3’” 2> log.txt