Installing RubyMine on Ubuntu 8.10

I’m having trouble installing RubyMine on my Ubuntu 8.10 desktop

I unpacked the file:

jason@jason-ubuntu-vm:~/Desktop$ sudo tar -xzvf rubymine435.tar.gz

change to the new directory, then to the bin directory

start the installer:

sudo ./

then i get this error:

ERROR: cannot start RUBYMINE
No JDK found to run RubyMine. Please validate either IDEA_JDK or
points to valid JDK installation.
exec: 60: /bin/java: not found

i installed the java jdk (sudo apt-get install sun-java-jdk6), and it
installed with no errors. my guess is that i need to edit a config file,
cannot figure out which one. Or maybe it’s something else.



Often you can stuff an environment variable in your own space that
defines what you need.

i.e. in ksh or sh (and maybe bash)

export JDK_HOME=/full/path/to/jdk

Check the RubyMine install instructions. Also, if you’re just
evaluating you might check out Sun’s NetBeans. It’s a fairly mature
IDE with an active development community behind it.


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