Installing RubyGems Problem

I am sure that this is quite a stupid question, but I have little to no
experience with the command line. I am running Windows XP Pro and
attempting to install RoR. I am at the step where RubyGems is to be
installed. Everything I read says just run setup.rb at the command
line. I do that and all that happens is that the file setup.rb opens
up in my code editor. I am guessing that is not what is supposed to
happen. What obvious step am I missing here?

My hope is to eventually run this on my WAMP server, but I need to get
this first.

Thanks in advance.

It sounds like Windows is seeing the .rb file extension and assuming
you want to open it with a program associated through the registry.

  1. Can you open a command line and run ruby commands? Does ruby -e "puts Hello World!" print “Hello World” to STDOUT? If this isn’t
    working make sure your path environment variable is set to the location
    of ruby.

  2. Once you know you can run ruby from the command line, running ruby setup.rb in the directory where it exists.

Good luck,


Thanks Jake. Yep, that was the problem. Seems to be working just fine
now and even with WAMP. I’m just starting out but hoping for a fairly
easy transition from PHP.