Installing Ruby and the ext/Setup file


I just finished installing Ruby 1.9.1 on Mac OS 10.5.6 and I have a
few questions. There are probably some basics I’m missing here. This
is the first time I’ve had to install Ruby since 1.8.6 came pre-
installed, so perhaps this is part of the normal setup, but I wouldn’t
know. Thanks for helping me out!

Question 1:
At first I just did a basic install running ./configure, make, make
test, sudo make install. ruby -v returns 1.9.1, and ‘which ruby’
points to the correct location. My path is set up to find it. But when
I ran ri to test things, I got a require File Not Found error for
stringio. I went back and modified the ext/Setup file and removed the

before stringio. I’m puzzled as to why stringio is found when

directly linked but not dynamically.

It did fix the file not found error at any rate. I had to repeat the
procedure with syck as well. At the end of a few make, make install
sequences, I was able to run ri with no errors.

Now I’m kind of unsettled by having to modify the ext/Setup file. As
far as I know, I haven’t changed anything about stringio or syck that
would make them non-standard. Have I got something set up in a strange
way that ruby wouldn’t be able to build correctly the first time? I’m
worried this file not found error will crop up in the future as I try
to require different things. I’m hoping I can get some direction to
learn more about stringio and syck and why I needed to link them
directly. Is it a quirk of my system, or just something I don’t
understand fully.

Question 2:
Even after the above is complete, ‘make test’ gave me 1 error on

#223 test_io.rb:11:in `<top (required)>’:
require “io/nonblock”
r, w = IO.pipe
w.nonblock = true
w.write_nonblock(“a” * 100000)
w.nonblock = false
t1 = { w.write(“b” * 4096) }
t2 = { w.write(“c” * 4096) }
sleep 0.5
sleep 0.5
rescue LoadError
#=> not finished in 10 seconds [ruby-dev:32566]

I’m not sure what this error means, or how severe it is. Something
timed out (I guess), but I’m not really clear what. I’m also not sure
if I need to address it because the install seems to be working.

I had the exact same sort of problems and had to completely uninstall to
get back to the stable 1.8.6

Is anyone looking at this obvious problem for MacOSX?

Doesn’t instill a lot of confidence.

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