Installing Rmagick locally (file_column)

I’m trying to use the file_column plugin to upload and automatically
resize images. The uploading part works really well, but the images dont
get resized and the thumbnails dont get created. Rails doesn’t fail so I
guess file_column is failing silently because Rmagick is not installed
on my system?

This is the code in my model:

file_column :image,
:magick => { :geometry => “200x200>” },
:versions => { “thumb” => “50x50”, “medium” => “100x100>”

When I try and install Rmagick via remote gem I get:

“Attempting remote install of ‘rmagick’
Builidng native extensions. This could take a while …
configure:1: Can’t exec bin/sh (fatal)
ERROR: While executing gem (RunTimeError)”

I already installed the prerequisit, Imagemagick.

Can anyone see any mistakes?

Many thanks, K.

An ammendment, Rails does fail with an error:

“No such file to load – RMagick”

So I guess RMagick is not installed. How do I go about doing this if I
can’t use gem to install it?