Installing Rails plugins with Subversion for Eclipse

Hi you all,

I’ve installed Subversion for Eclipse (Subclipse), in order to install
Rails plugins (will_paginate, more precisely).

However, I want to install the plugin without having to move my Rails
project to a svn repository. Is this possible? I have import the
will_paginate plugin svn address into a new project, but I have stopped
here cause I don’t know what to do with the classes.

Btw, as Subclipse is a plugin, I cannot execute command lines cause
“svn” is not a proper command, it’s not in my PATH.

Suggestions or any idea?

I would recommend NOT using subclipse for this. Just install subversion
normally. Use your OS’s package manager of you’re on OSX or Linux, or
the subversion installer for windows. The rails plugin installers
svn to be on your path to work. Subclipse is designed to let you manage
own code from within Eclipse, but you really should have the
tools installed anyway.

On Jan 3, 2008 4:19 PM, Damaris F.
[email protected]