Installing Rails - gem file not found


I’ve been following the cookbook directions on the rubyonrails site but
when I come to the install step;

gem install rails --include-dependencies

I get the message;

Local gem file not found: rails*.gem

It then goes and trys a remote install from rubyforge which never works
even when I shut all my network secrutiy down.

I did a search on rails*.gem and all I found was;


It is in a rails subfolder I put inside the ruby folder. (There doesn’t
seem to be a gems folder.)

Why can’t gems find it?

Thanks, -Rhe.


OK, more information. When ruby installed, it created its path entry
wrong. It failed to put the ; at the end. I fixed that and found that
if I CD to the ruby\bin folder and put in the entire path leading to the
rails files then the gem command is able to find it.

Next problem; I get the error message “rails requires rake >= 0.7.1”.
Now, I just downloaded fresh everything. I couldn’t possibly have an
old rake. I’m thinking it’s a path issue again.

What combination of directory structures and path commands do I have to
have to get all this stuff to string together properly?


Hey Russell, what platform are you trying to install on? Windows XP or
Mac OS X or Linux? However, I’m guessing that you’re on a Windows
related platform from your previous e-mail. This information would
us in helping you.

Thanks in advance,



Thanks Conrad. Yes, it’s Windoes XP. The more I look at this I think I
need a good directory structure plan and a matching path command.
Otherwise I’m probably going to have issues from now on out. Any
advice? -Rhe.

Conrad T. wrote:

Hey Russell, what platform are you trying to install on?