Installing Plugins

Coming from Perl and familiar with CPAN, I’d like some info about

Basically, do I trust where the libraries are installed?

For example, I have installed the Liquid plugin (./script/plugin install ) and the installation
directory is vendor/plugin/svn.

To me, this doesn’t seem to be correct. Surely it should
be vendor/plugin/liquid. I don’t want to install libs as gems as I just
them application specific. I also don’t need SVN tips, I know how to
an installation directory. My question is, what do I trust?

As an aside, I’ve installed RedCloth but I could only find it as a gem,
it possible to install a gem as a plugin? I’ve found these repositories
no joy.



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the installation directory is vendor/plugin/svn
I’ve seen that issue myself a couple of times. Never bothered to look
into it, I just renamed the folder manually.

it possible to install a gem as a plugin?
Check out the “gem unpack” command

I’ve found these repositories but no joy and are the top places to look for RoR
You can install RedCloth as a plugin from github.