Installing OOT Module on Mac


I’m using GNURadio 3.7.8 installed from MacPorts on a MacBook Air.

I have tried to create a custom module on my MacBook Air using
I was able to write, compile and build the code.
After this I edited the XML file for accessing on gnuradio-companion.

But the block didn’t show up on gnuradio-companion.

so I have set the following in .bash_profile


and I was able to see the newly generated block.

But when I run the flowgraph I get the following error.

ImportError: No module named

In linux there is sudo ldconfig command, but the command doesn’t exist

So after
“sudo make install”
Is there anything else to do for mac?

Vamsi and Rich

Hi Vamsi, hi Rich :slight_smile:

There’s two different directories you need to look at here:

  1. the GRC block path. This is directory where GRC looks for the XML
    defining how a block looks like
  2. the Pythonpath. This is the directory Python looks in when you do
    something like “import modulename”.

Examine your $PYTHONPATH variable, and see if


before starting your Python Flowgraph (ie. before starting GRC from the
same shell) helps.

Best regards,