Installing Nitro on Windows in 11 steps

Hello everyone, I’m new to the list and I’ve been told that some people
have been having some trouble installing Nitro on a Windows system. So
for those having trouble here’s a 11 step checklist. (I assume that
you’ve already installed Ruby and MySQL on your system)

  1. Download Darcs from and decompress it in any directory

2*) Add the darcs root folder in the PATH environmental variable (i.e.

  1. Download the latest Nitro version from the repository through darcs
    going to the directory you want to store nitro and
    typing in command line: darcs get --partial nitro

  2. Find the RUBYOPTS environmental variable (it should already contain
    -rubygems in it and after it add the following:

-I[PATH_TO_NITRO]\nitro\lib -I[PATH_TO_NITRO]\nitro\vendor
-I[PATH_TO_NITRO]\og\lib -I[PATH_TO_NITRO]\glue\lib

  • replace [PATH_TO_NITRO] with the path to your nitro folder (example:
  1. Add the same directories in the PATH environmental variable as well

  2. Go to the Nitro root directory and type: darcs pull and select
    “yes” to all patch prompts

  3. Install the “facets” gem (gem install facets)

  4. Install the “redcloth” gem (gem install redcloth)

  5. Install the “xmlSimple” gem (gem install xml-simple)

  6. Install the “mysql” gem (gem install mysql) [Select option 1]

  7. Install the “uuidtools” gem (gem install uuidtools)

  • In order to get to your system’s environmental variables, right click
    on your “My Computer” icon and select Properties. Select the
    Advanced Tab and on the bottom click on the Environmental Variables

I intend to write an installer to automagically install Nitro on a
windows system (and do all the dirty work) as well as keeping it up to

Hope this helps.

Welcome Sotiri :wink:

thanks for this info!


This is extremely thourough, complete, and well organized.

I’m probably not the only one thinking that you should sign up at and post this as a tip…

I’d be thrilled if folks could add it to their own collections ( e.g.,
if Arne wanted to add it to thedailynitro, or I to cheatsheets ).

I envision doing that with credit to the author being one of the first
things on the page – author’s name, and if desired, a link to the
author’s web site.

Maybe could host a “From the Archives” section, with
gems like this as entries, indexed by category and tag, with descriptive


and welcome!

Hope this helps.

Very concise and easy to read, like Rob already said, I’d be happy if
you could add this as an Oxyiliquit tip[1].

Thank you very much for supporting the poor windows guys, they don’t
get too much love these days! :slight_smile:



The first installer build looks promising (as in installing Nitro on a
system that already has mysql and ruby on it). Of course it assumes much
granted at this stage. I’m going to add some checks for presence of
mysql or other nitro versions and do the relevant error handling, make
pretty and per George’s suggestion make it a component based, all in one
package (i.e. ruby/mysql/nitro). I expect it to be released really soon.
Auto-updating (kind of like building a nitro specific darcs in the
installer) will be a bit trickier and it will be looked upon later on.