Installing fastercsv into vendor directory

I am using fastercsv to process input files. I want to install it into
my app/vendor directory as a gem (I guess). I used ‘rake
rails:freeze:gems’ to get rails into the vender dir. But I cannot find
any doc on how to do it for fastercsv or any third-party gem. Any help

I just did this. rails:freeze:gems just freezes the gems that make up
the rails distribution. There is a tutorial on how to freeze other
gems at:

It is specific for that host, but the process is generally the same.
With my particular host I had problems with it finding the gem after I
freezed it so id did a little work around.

In my environment.rb file I have do |config|
require_gem ‘fastercsv’

and I just copied the faster_csv.rb and fastercsv.rb files in the /lib
folder because it wasn’t reading them from the /vendor folder for some
reason and that worked fine.


Thanx for the pointer and work around. Seems to be working for me.