Installing code_highlighter

I’ve just started using Radiant and really like both
the approach and how it was implemented. It’s perfect
for the site I need to build.

I’d like to apply code syntax highlighting to my
pages. I read about it here:

I’ve run into two problems:

(1) Radiant 0.6.3 lacks the “script/plugin” script for
new projects. I can copy it from my radiant gem
installation into my project scripts directory.

(2) The code_highlighter plugin no longer exists at
the given url:

$ ruby script/plugin install code_highlighter
Plugin not found: [“code_highlighter”]

Yet I can see the plugin on the Trac svn browser:

Any ideas?


Richard L. Apodaca Blog Company


There are some existing code-highlighting extensions out there. Lately
I’ve used Dan W.'s JS library for this purpose. It’s not as robust as
some, but it’s lightweight and doesn’t require any changes to the CMS.