Installation vs development

I have some hands on about the ruby on rails. I loved the way it made
the lives of the developers easy by providing the built in support and
intelligent naming conventions all through. It was as easy as taking a

But at the same time when I wanted to move to linux, i found it damn
hard to digest. I was at the very first place so unhappy with the whole
process that i stopped coding in ruby on rails.

How about writing a shell script that does the whole installation of
the ruby on rails on a linux machine (i specially would like one if it
were for fedora core 6). Is there anyone to do this help to me? if you
can do it by running all the nitty gitty commands you should be able to
put up a smart shell script for me as well.

Please help me in this regard. I can edit and understand shell scripts,
so, you may want to prepare one that needs some modifications of
parameters. I hope to help you as well, if you need.