Installation of Rails without 'gem install rails'

I am wondering if anyone has any procedural documentation for installing
and using Rails from the standalone packages rather then via ‘gem
install’. It seems there should be some steps outside of simply
unpacking the tar ball in order to integate it with your Ruby
installation. Seems every bit of installation documentation I can find
has ‘gem install rails’ as the step for deploying Rails.

Devin Kramer

there isn’t much to document. once you untar the standalone package,
all the rails stuff is included in /vendor/rails. if you want to
install all the components, you can go into each directory and run
the setup.rb or install.rb scripts. each comes with a readme, so you
might want to take a look.


I won’t say it can’t be done, because of course it can :slight_smile: … but if
going to drink the cool aid, you need to get and use gems (or live with
and edge)

My desktops are all Debian … and when I first wanted to play, I do
all good deb heads do “apt-get install rails” … well it worked, but
when you want to anything the least bit interesting and there isn’t a
package but a gem … getting them to talk to each other is a pain.

Then I stumbled upon some huge religeous fight about using gems within
debian, because it’s “not the Debian way” … which is a really annoying
part of the Debian community.

So I installed gems from rubyforge and do all my rails stuff via ‘gem
install’ … it makes my rails world a happier place.

Finally as you’ve already found, all the docs and troubleshooting
make the fundemental assumption that you’re using gems or svn … it’s
way this part of the world works … I found it easier to adopt the
than fight it.

On Thu, Apr 13, 2006 at 11:17:17AM -0500, Hank M. wrote:

install’ … it makes my rails world a happier place.
I don’t know if you’ve seen this yet, or installed rubygems by hand to
get the gems, but I stumbled across a .deb of rubygems and so have a
“mostly the debian way” setup here… Relevant lines of sources.list

Daigo M.'s ruby & other packages

deb unstable/
deb-src unstable/

It looks like Daigo M.'s a debian maintaner for several
packages, and he maintains this additional archive, too.

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I hadn’t seen that when I was looking … though that’s only half the
debate. There certainly is an anti-gem attitude in Debian such that
debs probably won’t be in the official archives … but the second half
the debate is that you shouldn’t need gems because they are a
competing/conflicting package manager and hence polutes the ‘Debian Way’

Of all the linux dixtros, I like debian the best over all; mostly for
apt-get and it’s package base … but this dogmatic “though shalt only
do it
this way” gets grating at times …

Besides, I’ve ‘poluted’ my system with a patch kernel,
non-official debs for all the multi media stuff, etc. etc … adding
from source and then loading a few gems rather than debs is certainly no
worse than using CPAN …

Pragmatic instead of dogmatic is how I tend to view such things …