Installation issue

I’m having the same issue. I’m currently running on OS X. Whenever
I try to run the ‘rake’ command I get the “Extensions” message and
whenever I try to ‘bootstrap’ it errors out. Will someone please
list a step-by-step of what is to be done from beginning to end? The
instructions in the “Radiant Handbook” simply fail.


Some more detail would help. If you’re going to reference another
message, it would help if you replied to the same thread, and
regardless you should post your error message - ‘the same issue’ often

Have you created the database and configured your database.yml file

Oh, and if you’re just trying to setup the production database - try
setting up the development database first - I had some issues
where the test env wouldn’t work unless
the development db was configured - perhaps the same issue is happening
in production.