Install UHD after GNURadio installation

now I need to install also the UHD module of gnuradio(before I’ve used
RTL). Is possible to install this module without reinstall the entire
I’ve tried the easiest apprach, mkdir/cmake/make… in gnuradio/gr-uhd,
it doesn’t work.


Hi Marco,

to be honest, the easiest way seems to be the right one; however, your
build directory should still be there, so no mkdir necessary.

If you removed or cleaned your build directory, then I’m afraid you will
need to re-build significant parts of GNU Radio, anyway.
Probably, something on your system changed since you’ve last built GNU
Radio, so it’s simply a good idea to update GNU Radio, rebuild it in
whole (if you’ve got more than 4GB of RAM and more than one CPU core,
try "make -j<cpu cores + 1> ") and re-install it. You’ll also have to
re-compile every OOT module (eg. gr-osmosdr).

Best regards,

It was my fault: I dind’t launch the make from /build/gr-uhd…now it


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