Install ruby on linux cluster from shared disk -- can I just

I’m having second thoughts on the approach I’ve started down for
installing ruby on some Linux servers and would appreciate some

I have two small clusters of identical Linux servers, each cluster
shares a file system named /scratch.

I have downloaded and extracted the ruby tar file to /scratch :

[root@s8270a17 ruby-1.8.5-p2]# pwd

I installed ruby as usual on the first node (s8270a17) in the cluster.
The question I have is “Can I just go to the next server in the
cluster and do “make install”, or do I need to start back at the
./configure ?”.

And along the same line, if I do start back at the ./configure will the
fact that it has already been run on a “different” server screw
anything up?

It depends on what your “identical linux servers” mean? If they are
really identical you can omit the step “./configure” at the second
server. Actually the default “./configure” makes prefix=/usr/local.
I.e., You just put the source files on the shared file system and in
fact you installed the ruby on local.
More importantly I think, no matter whether your servers are identical,
it is right to issue the command “./configure” again on the shared file
system from the second server. It will do nothing harmful, even if the
2nd server is a little different with the 1st node.

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