Install RoR with Ruby from source

I’m running Rails on Linux (ubuntu 7.0.4).
It turns out that when installing Ruby via apt-get, you get a generic
build that hardly uses the instruction set. It recognizes your system
as ‘i486-linux’.

When you build Ruby from source, it builds as ‘i686-linux’.

The speed improvement, for the same code is about x2 (so it’s kinda
worth the effort).

It works MOSTLY OK, but I’ve still got some critical things that will
not install:

  • openssl
  • readline (so, script/console doesn’t run)

Anyone did the same thing (e.g. install Ruby from source and then
Rails) and got everything to work?



Install the following packages and recompile Ruby:

libreadline5-dev libssl-dev

On 9/26/07, helzer [email protected] wrote:

Cody F. - e-commerce done right - blog - RJS Templates for Rails

Thanks Cody,

That fixed it.