Install magickwand 0.2.0 and rmagick 2.12.2

My question is:

Can i install magickwand-0.2.0 and rmagick-2.12.2 in ruby-1.8.7-p249 on

I have correctly installed ImageMaqick (I can install either the binary
version for Windows 5.6.5 or 5.6.6 without problem in the directory
c:\Imagemagick, and configure the environment variable

When i try to install the gem magickwand-0.2.0 (rmagick 2.12.2 and
rmagick 2.13.0 needs that gem), the installation procedure can’t find
“Magick-config”.Though i think that “Magick-config.h” is in the
“c:\imagemagick\config” directory and “Magickwand.h” is in the
“c:\imagemagick\wand” directory. I have included either of these two
directories in my INCLUDE environment variable, but the gem install
procedure can’t find them.

Javier A…

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