Install Issues - LD_LIBRARY_PATH?

I’m trying to get my feet wet with gnuradio, attempting to install on
Ubuntu 9.10 from the packages.

I believe it is installing gnuradio and gnuradio-companion fine, but
when I enter ‘grc’ I get the error:

“No module named gnuradio: Cannot import gnuradio. Are your PYTHONPATH
and LD_LIBRARY_PATH correct?”

I have my PYTHONPATH set to /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/ but am not
sure where I need to point LD_LIBRARY_PATH to. I can’t find anything in
/usr/lib/ that is related to gnuradio or grc. What should
LD_LIBRARY_PATH point to and am I missing any library files?

Searching online turned up some tips on LD_LIBRARY_PATH and boost but
unless I’m mistaken that is only for building from source. I could also
be mistaken and the packages didn’t install fully, I don’t claim to be a
Linx guru.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.