Install help

I have skimmed through many web pages, how to’s and editorials. Scrubyt
is a great looking gem that does what i think i want it to do with very
understandable coding and explanation. So that said I have tried to
install ruby rubygems and all sorts of other known beasts to run this
Scrubyt. It is now day 4 of this fight with the Terminal, i am tired why
am I getting the following error ?

LoadError: no such file to load - scrubyt
method gemoriginalrequire in customrequire.rb at line 27
method require in customrequire.rb at line 27
at top level in untitled.rb at line 7

I have loaded Scrubyt, hpricot 0.5, mechanize 0.6.5, used hivelogic
install tutorial ect,

thank you in advance

Ah, make sure you use the latest Hivelogic install tutorial:

There are a few on that site!

I too struggled to get Ruby and various gems installed and working.
There are some other things you need to be aware of.
Often things are oversimplified on these tutorials, and they fail by
assuming certain knowledge without listing any assumptions.
One thing they tend to assume is that you know about the PATH.
You’ll need to set your shell PATH for bash. Unfortunately, there are
a whole lot of ways to do this and different ways may take precedence
over others. Consult the Unix in a Nutshell book from Oreilly for
great info on bash and PATH.
After you know PATH and how you want to use it
(less .profile .bashrc .bash_login files is always better and easier
to manage)
You also have to make sure the GEM_PATH (or is it GEMPATH?) is set to
the proper path. This is the part that is difficult to find good
documentation on. It is also the part that matters the most for
making gems work.

Another thing is to use the option to require any dependencies when
you install the gem. That will install any other needed gems or gem
libraries. Gem will other wise install a gem without a needed
dependency (this is a flaw IMHO) and so some gems just won’t work.