class Raj
def hi
puts ‘hi’

If I write code "puts Raj.instance_methods(false)"it prints the
functions available in Raj class, so here output would be ‘hi’

My question is, consider the below code of mine

save_dialog =“AutoItX3.Control”)
excel = WIN32OLE.connect(“excel.application”)

As I have explained in my example, I would like to have methods which
are specific to save_dialg and excel. The problem here is, If I write
the code like

“puts save_dialog.class.instance_methods(false)”
It is returning the methods which is available in WIN32OLE, but
how do I get the methods which are specific to save_dialog and excel?

You use excel.ole_methods

hi Joel,

thank you, I was using puts

WIN32OLE.connect(“excel.application”).ole_func_methods. could you
explain me what’s the difference?

There is a great blog which can get you started here:

The documentation for individual OLE methods will be in MSDN:

The documentation for WIN32OLE is here:

hi Joel P.

Where can I find the documentation of those functions? How would I know
how to use those functions?

hi Joel P.

Thank you.

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