Inserting column headings between grouped rows

Hello all,

I have what is conceptually a pretty simple poblem, but can’t think of
an obvious solution. I have a group of objects (@items), that I wish
to render as rows. Items have dates, and I wish to group them by that
date, inserting a header row each time the date changes e.g.:

header row
row 11/11/2004
row 11/11/2004
header row
row 11/23/2004

I’m currently rendering the rows like so:

render :partial => ‘item’, :collection => @items

I’m curious if there’s a a way to keep track of a date value between
insert a spacer each time it changes. I couldn’t find one looking
over the docs. Anyone had to deal with this?

As always, any help is greatly apreciated,


Parker T.


I hope someone will offer one of those super-efficient solutions. For
now, I’d do what you want without using the partial. I’d do:

@items.each do |item|

then I could just check the date field against the previous entry and
use an if block to display the row header when the date changes.

That said, there is probably something much better. Thanks for the
question, I look forward to the answer.


Might not be really flashy, but it works:

current = nil
@items.each do |item|
if(current != item)
current = item

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