Inserting a static img tag with jQuery

Rails 3.1.3

This should be a basic question but it does not work for me, so I need
some help.

I would like to insert an image with jQuery after loading the page is

More specifically,

$('#combine').click(function () {


this way. It does not work. I understand that the problem is the PATH.
The image is saved in “app/assets/images”.

$('#combine').click(function () {

$(’#tempimage’).html(’<%= image_tag ("/images/arrow_close.png") %>’);

this does not work either.

How can I do it?

Thanks in advance.


This here is useful stuff to read:

If not configured differently, the images that you have stored under
app/assets/images/arrow_close.png end up with an url of “/assets/
arrow_close.png” - it’s always a good idea to try this out in the
browser first and to check the console to see how the pipeline
processes the resources - the output here is usually quite verbose.

hope this helps,

Thanks for your help!

It works fine now.