Inserting a configurable list of items into a database

It’s a bit difficult to summarise my question in just one line, so
forgive the subject. :slight_smile:

I have really started to like RoR and Ruby also makes a lot of sense as
a language for scripting. So, I’ve been thinking of building some
“internal” apps while I learn more. One of these is a “financial
claims” system that will make my work a bit easier. One of the things
with regards to these claims is that there are a few bills that are
there every month, for example, a claim for the phone bill, internet,
etc. What I’d like to do is set these up as a template (regular monthly
items or something) which the user can insert into his claims when he
starts to fill out his monthly claims. I’d like this list to be
configurable per user which is why the “templates” must be stored in the
database. That way, with one click, he can create the basic items that
make up his claims and then add extra things, for example, his taxi
claims and so on.

Can I store the same “item” in 2 different databases, one that stores
the actual claims and another that stores the templates?

What would be a good way to do this with RoR?