Insert some value into a result of a find in a db

I’m trying to insert a string component into what was found by a find
do a
@version = Version.find(“270”)
@path = “somestring”
And I would like to stick the @path string into @version
then later do a
render :xml => @version
in order to produce


Is this possible? The value of @path is not necessarily a result from
a search in the db so I can’t combine two searches via something like
a find_by_sql or include.

Should be no problem. You can add an attribute to @version and it will
be emitted when you render.

Try it in the console.

@version = Version.find(…)
@version[‘path’] = ‘somestring’

Hey that’s great!
Simple and sweet.
Can I set the type?
As it stands it’s coming out as type="NilClass"
On the flip side, can I also remove the type info?

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