ANNOUNCING a New Release of Jackbox


In this months release we continue to bring Jackbox more inline the Ruby
base. We have fixed a couple of issues that existed with use of
at the Ruby top-level. The Injector metaphor works now consistently all
the way through. The basic idea to remember here is that #inject does
work on the Object class while enrich does so in the ‘main’ instance.

We have also fixed a number of other issues with ancestors chains, have
introduced new methods to #inspect, #to_s, and #show Injectors, and once
again cleaned up the examples, code, and the readme file.

We have also decided to put-off, yes once again, the Jackbox Challenge
until we have a 1.0 release candidate which should be coming. We have
do develpment in between other things we are involved. But, it I
it won’t be long.

Once again Many Thanks to all the wornderful people who have shown their
interest and support. Don’t forget to visit our webpage:
install just type: gem install jackbox