Initial raw frame transmit code try #2 checked in

Okay I checked in some new raw frame transmit code in again. This is
visible in
revision 4965.

The one thing that I wasn’t sure of, is where to set the start of burst
and end
of burst flags. Can a single frame have multiple burst and end of

Basically I don’t know what defines our burst… all of the fragments
define a frame, or USB bus.

The way it’s coded now, a burst is a frame. Changing it to the USB bus
be fairly easy.

If it’s defined by the USB bus, do we want to create a burst worth of
send them, create another burst, send them … or create them all at
once and
send them burst by burst?

Basically I wanted to get something in ASAP so you could look over my
creation method using the pmt u8 vector and make sure I was doing all of
okay. If I have to change some semantics, no problem!

  • George