Ini file reader/writer

Hi Guys,

I am new joinee to this forum and also to ruby language.After spent two
weeks of ruby learning,I have written a module “IniParser” which
basically read/write ini files.
I know there are few ruby gems available but i am writing this to get
handson exp in ruby

It would be great help if someone(expert in ruby language) test this
code and let me know your comments.This would help me to know more about
ruby programming.

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ruby programming.

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After just a quick look I have to advise you to take look at
INI file - Wikipedia for ini file specification that
your IniParser should take in consideration. Specially comments, keys
outside of session, empty session in front of another session…

The second thing you should reconsider is the way we should use this
IniParser in real life.
Is it wise to parse, again, ini file for every session key that we are
supposed to read from that ini file? Just image a long ini file with
multiple sessions and lot of keys (mysql.ini, win.ini).

The best way will be to make a bunch of unit tests and usage samples.

Beside the DRY you should stick to “Eat Your Own Dog Food” principle