Information about FPGA Flash process on N210


I’m currently planning on buying some SDR Devices in order to implement
and assess some sensing algorithms… Right now, i’m just comparing two
SDR Devices : USRP N210 and RICE WARP.

I found almost all the information about these SDR Devices in the
documentation which is available on the website/repository.
But, still, one question remains.

In a practical way, I think, I’ll have to do some FPGA Modification (I
already know that modifications on host computer/GNURadio GUI should be
easier, it’s not the point.)
I just wanted to know a little bit more about : quoting “the FGPA is
reconfigurable over the Ethernet using the internal Flash” (form the
description of the USRP N210 on Ettus Website-News)

  1. Concretly, how is this working ? (I know, we were able to do this
    kind of FPGA modifications, using a SD Card on USRP 2, but…)

  2. Do I need Xilinx Software Tools to do these modifications ?

  3. Any documentation on this subject ? Or even examples which show what
    could be done ?

  4. Bonus Question : Why would you recommand USRP N210 instead of WARP ?

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In the meantime, I found this :

It partially answers questions 1) and 2)

Anyone got more detailled documentation about this ?



Ok, found it.

Still questions 4) remains ! :smiley:

I just received my N210 in the mail. I am extremely new at this.
I installed the WBX board into the N210.
I powered up the N210. And LED B and F stay lit. B means MIMO cable
link. D means CPLD loaded. This doesn’t seem to make sense since I
don’t even have a MIMO cable installed. Do I need to load firmware?
(since LED D isn’t lit. I would have thought the firmware would come

I am currently loading the latest version of Ubuntu on my laptop.
I will be installing gnuradio, grc, wxPython. Then I am not sure where
to go from there.

Do I need to install the UHD to use the N210?

I have played with gunradio in the past without the hardware.

If anyone can point me to a link for more information that would be
great. I am really excited about finally being able to buy and play
with this HW.