Individual db connection per user?

Hi all,

We have an SEC requirement that all connections to our app’s database
be made with the credentials of the individual user who is logged in,
not with the connection configured in the database.yml.

We know this is going to kill performance and have all kinds of
undesirable side effects, but it’s a hard requirement. Before we start
digging into Rails internals to figure out how to hack this, has
anyone else solved it?

BTW, our db is Oracle, in case anyone knows how to make the initial
connection and then act on behalf of the user (as if we were connected
to the db with that username) for each request.

Thanks so much for any ideas,
Shifra Pride Raffel and Parker T.
Pivotal Labs

On 5 Feb 2008, at 01:30, shifra wrote:

anyone else solved it?
Call AR::Base.establish_connection in an around/before_filter ?