Indexed Search Engine 0.1 Released

Hello and happy new year.

This message has also been posted to the Rails Engines Users list, and
it was recommended that I widen my audience.

I’ve created a rails engine for adding a fully indexed search
capability to your rails applications.

From the README:

"IndexedSearchEngine is a simple, pluggable engine for rails
which can be used to enable full text indexed searches within an
Searchable data is parsed, stemmed using the Porter stemmer, and added
a fully indexed table. This allows you to index ActiveRecords with a
description attribute of “Loving pets” which will be returned from a
search for “love” or “petting”.

Since each term is stemmed and added to the indexed table individually,
results should be relatively fast."

I have not yet formally evaluated performance, but it will certainly
be faster than using wildcard full text searches such as “%pet%”.

You can download it here:

And SVN repository is here:

Please take a look and give it a spin if you are so inclined. I’m
relatively new to Ruby and Rails, although I have about 12 years
software development experience mostly in C++ and Java. Ruby and
Rails specific comments are encouraged.

The web site is brand spanking new so it doesn’t have anything other
than the SVN repository and the first release up at the moment. When
I get creative I’ll add something a little more interesting (and
perhaps an example).

I appreciate any comments and feedback.

Lance B.