Index update - problems


Rails 1.2.2
Ruby 1.8.5
Ferret 0.11.4

I have pretty big forum that has 2 columns that are indexed, in addition
to this couple more tables with far less data are indexed.

It seems that first index update works. Mysqld process takes the idle
CPU time, but behaves nicely… until at some point it takes 99% and
doesn’t let other processes use it :slight_smile: I’m forced to restart mysqld. Then
again it works for a while, but then after some new rows problems begin.

I’m using :remote => true for my models

I started my ferret server with this command:
FERRET_USE_LOCAL_INDEX=1 RAILS_ENV=production ruby script/runner ‘load

Has anyone else bumped into this kind of behaviour? Any ideas what might
be causing it?



On Wed, May 02, 2007 at 09:11:12PM +0200, Antti Akonniemi wrote:

CPU time, but behaves nicely… until at some point it takes 99% and
be causing it?
maybe there’s some mysql limit (number of connections, threads, mem
usage) that gets reached? You could monitor the mysql server variables
(show status) to find out.


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Found the problem! Wasn’t actually Rails related. Mysql udpdate had
messed something and was causing a ton of troubles. What a relief! :slight_smile:
AAF is now working like a charm! Thanks for your time!


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