Increased memory and cpu usage when migrating from MRI 1.8.6 to REE 1.8.7


We’ve been migrating our fairly large Rails 1.2 application from MRI
to REE 1.8.7, and in the process we’ve encountered some fairly odd

Namely, instead of the expected reduction in memory usage, we’re seeing
increase in memory usage by around 40% and, along with it, an increase
processor usage.

The stock 1.8.7 implementation performs even worse than REE from both
standpoints, and while this is somewhat redeeming of REE, something is
definitely amiss.

Tweaking REE’s GC parameters was our first instinct, but the
improvements we
got that way were negligible.

The question is, has anyone experienced anything similar? Is there
we’re missing?

If there’s anything I’ve left out that might be helpful, please point it
and I’ll be more than happy to answer.

1.2 (if my memory is correct) predates ruby 1.8.7. I think the first
officially 1.8.7 friendly rails version was 2.1. It might be worth
scanning those commits pertaining to 1.8.7 compatibility to see if there
is anything that seems relevant

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It seems to be the case:

If you are using Rails 2.1, Ruby 1.8.7-p22 seems the way to go.
Unfortunately, Ruby 1.8.7 is not compatible with previous versions of